Circuit de Calafat



3.250 meters

Right turns


Left turns



10 meters


600 meters

Sound check

95dB at 3.000rpm

Approved by the Catalan Automobile Federation, it is capable of hosting regional races. An incredible very sinuous layout, especially known for its “linked turns”.

Technical track with not very high top speeds and well-proportioned run-offs in which, when setting times, attacking its aggressive curbs makes the difference between the good and the best.

Placed in the area of l'Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona, between the AP-7 motorway and the sea, its location makes it very accessible, and the accommodation possibilities, some right on the beach, are ideal to combine the fun of the activity on the track with the relaxation of a vacation.

Extensive paddock, restaurant, 24 individual boxes and 3 for teams. Sliding track and the unique and innovative Rallycross track, which, allowing various configurations until the three tracks are linked, allows organizing many different activities.


In 1974 the Circuit Calafat, the first permanent speed track in Catalonia, was inaugurated by a group of pilots and motor enthusiasts together with Calafat S.A. The engineers, Jordi Xiol and Vicente Gilera, well known in the motor circles of the time, then designed an initial layout of 2,500 m. that years later, in 1987, was extended to reach the actual 3,250 m. with the help of the Generalitat and the Provincial Council of Tarragona.

Like all good stories, the one about the Calafat speed circuit is long, with ups and downs and twists. It is the story of a track that has been the scene of unique and memorable competitions such as the Critérium and the Solo Moto Superprestigio, the Renault Cup or the Spanish Touring Car Championship. Competitions that laid the foundations of Spanish motorcycling and motorsport.

Over time, they have resurfaced the speed track, widened and leveled loopholes and curbs, adapted the “corba del vidre”, the Paddock Bar, among others.