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For more than 10 years Trackrat Club has been leading the world of trackdays and trackdays, both for the quantity and quality of the events organized.

Through a professional style of organization, we have always looked for the good racing driver, the person before the machine. Managing to generate an atmosphere in our events that is the admiration of all those who share a track day with us.

As a direct consequence of this, our trackdays also bring together the best machines ridden by motor lovers eager to give their best in the most appropriate place for it, the circuit, resulting in an excellent balance of camaraderie and competitiveness.


Among the various reasons that have made the Trackrat trackdays events of great quality, is the fact that we filter the participants, but not by the value of their vehicle, but by their attitude.

SAFETY on our trackdays is undoubtedly one of its hallmarks. We put everything on our side so that the day runs smoothly, having one of the lowest incident rates in the sector.

The ATMOSPHERE in our trackdays, which has often been described as “racing wise”, is based on the balance between respect and competitiveness that time and time again has given us days that are as intense as they are relaxing.

PRIVACY is one of the elements that we value the most. The public provides warmth and atmosphere, but their presence can never be put above the comfort and safety of the pilots.

The COMFORT of not having to worry about anything other than coming and driving, because on all our trackdays we negotiate special accommodation conditions with establishments near the circuit and we look for logistical solutions for you, your vehicle, trailer, etc.

The INFORMATION that the participants receive in our trackdays from the moment they begin to consider their attendance until once the activity is over, everything related to their timings and photographs is clear, extensive and complete.

Get started in the world of circuits with the greatest safety through an experience that includes training and discover how far driving pleasure goes.



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