From Trackrat Club and thanks to a collaboration agreement reached with Nankang Motosport already in 2018, we have the immense pleasure of putting at your disposal the entire SPORTNEX range of this prestigious brand.

If you want to enjoy the AR-1 or CR-S semi-slick, or SL-1 slicks, make your purchase through the TR Store with some numbers that will pleasantly surprise you, and you can get up to 15% discount with the membership. TRACKRAT MASTER10% with the TRACKRAT ADVANCE or even 5% just for having the TRACKRAT DRIVER which you get automatically when you participate in one of our events.

Why Nankang?

During the last 6 years and following the launch of the AR-1, Nankang Motorsport has stood out among other tire brands in the semi-slick segment with this magnificent product that brings together so many of the features that a perfect tire for trackdays and sporty driving should have, to the point that it seems unbelievable,

Fabulous grip, outstanding lap times, allowing a perfect communication between driver, vehicle and asphalt, endurance, durability and as if that were not enough, a more than competitive price.

Then came the SL-1, the slick that, although not available in a wide range of sizes, offers excellent value for money and allows you to keep up with the pace of the competition and meet the economic challenge it represents without giving up a reliable tire with which to obtain those moments of glory for which we fight so hard.

And now, with the arrival of the CR-S, closer to the competition, but still street legal, with an ideal behavior for long aggressive driving sessions on track, Nankang Motorsport has definitely established itself as the reference to follow in this type of tires that provide so many moments of satisfaction to lovers of sports driving and especially on the circuit.


The AR-1 aims to be a faster and more refined track tire, aimed at the trackday and sports driving enthusiast looking for the best feel and lap times. Utilizing the latest tire technology, the new AR-1 boasts massive performance for the track while remaining road legal.

A very communicative semi-slick that does not falter, giving a magnificent performance from the first to the last lap as demonstrated by all the tests we have carried out on different circuits in Europe before committing ourselves to this brand.

Available in a growing size range from 12″ to 21″, so whatever your size within these rim sizes, contact us for a price and you will see that it is not only in its great quality and performance that the Nankang AR-1 improves on the other semi-slick tires currently on the market.

With only one choice of compound and with all tires produced with a 5.5mm tread depth, the AR-1 is establishing itself among the big names in the track tire market.

Used as a control tire by the M3 Cup, 330 Challenge and Classic VW Cup, as well as a winning tire in series with open tire options such as the CSCC New Millennium and 750MC Club Enduro.

As the Nankang range is constantly evolving, the 2019 production 100TW tires in 17″ and larger now contain a Kevlar liner, further increasing stability and consistency. Designed to fight on high intensity circuits like the Nürburgring and Spa.

The AR-1 has achieved EU tire labeling, giving it MSA List 1B approval.

Optimum Angle Settings
Between -1'0 and -3'0 degrees
Optimum operating window
Between 71 - 104ºC
HOT pressure settings
<800 kg
23 - 27'5 psi
800 - 1.000 kg
24 - 32 psi
1.000 - 1.400 kg
27'5 - 37 psi
>1.400 kg
34 - 42 psi
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Nankang CR-S is an Extreme Performance summer tyre with 200TW specifically designed for Club Racers participating in Autocross, TimeAttack, HPDE & Circuit Racing The Nankang CR-S is now listed in the MSUK blue book and is is a list 1B tyre.

CR-S’s asymmetric tread design is engineered specifically to increase rigidity to provide extreme levels of grip while providing direct steering response.

The aramid reinforced sidewall provides precise and responsive handling while providing consistent performance.

Nankang has been developing this tyre for the last 3 years with extensive testing with a clear goal to make this tyre a step up from the already successful AR-1 tyre.

The CR-S is designed to be a faster tyre than AR-1 but also a more consistent tyre as well. Furthermore, it is also designed to be even more road user friendly with better driving comfort, lower noise & better in wet conditions than the AR-1.

It’s a big challenge to make the car faster on track and at same time also better in overall road use but after lots of trial and error, we are finally ready to launch it in 2024 in UK & Europe

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Optimum Angle Settings
Between -1'0 and -3'0 degrees
Optimum operating window
Between 70 - 100ºC
HOT pressure settings
<800 kg
24 - 29 psi
800 - 1.000 kg
25 - 34 psi
1.000 - 1.400 kg
29 - 40 psi
>1.400 kg
35 - 44 psi


When installed, the yellow dot is the lightest part of the tire, so it should line up with the valve stem on aluminum and steel wheels to ensure proper balance.

If you have handling problems, please refer to the table below which may solve your problem, remember to do it in small increments at a time

To reduce oversteer:
Reduce rear pressures or increase front pressures.
To increase oversteer:
Increase rear pressures or reduce front pressures.
To reduce understeer:
Reduce front pressures or increase rear pressures.
To increase understeer:
Increase front pressures or reduce rear pressures.

For most purposes, racing tyres will benefit from an appropriate ‘scrubbing in’ procedure. This provides the best combination of performance and longevity under race conditions.

There are several difficulties that arise when using racing tyres if they are not scrubbed in prior to use. The most common is “Cold Graining”, where the layer of the tread compound in contact with the track, fails in shear with the layer below. The result is a very visible low frequency, high amplitude rippling effect. This is more common with new tyres particularly when used in wet, damp or greasy conditions.

Nankang Motorsport recommends that a standard scrubbing in procedure be used whenever possible (conditions and regulations allowing). This consists of subjecting the tyres through one gentle heat cycle, gradually loading them up whilst avoiding drifting the car. Set cold air pressure at an adequate psi to handle the weight of the car. On track, gradually increase speed subsequently for a minimum three to four laps, with the first lap at 50%-60% of normal usage, gradually increasing but not to exceed 85% capacity with a cool down lap by the end of the session. This will result in a much-improved tire life and on track performance for future sessions.

It should be noted that there is always going to be a slight performance peak from new tyres, but it will only be possible to take advantage of this if the car is balanced on its tyres. A correctly scrubbed in set of tyres will always give more consistent performance over its lifetime than a set that has been used hard from new, even if it hasn’t grained.