Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí



4.146 meters

Right turns


Left turns



12 meters

Longest straight

625 meters

Sound check

95dB at 3.000rpm

Only 35 minutes away from Barcelona there is a track that, which due to its figure 8 layout with a “Suzuka”-style bridge and its great rake, has a unique personality that makes everyone who puts wheels on it fall in love.

Surrounded by the mountains of central Catalonia and at the foot of the A-2 motorway, it is very accessible. Barcelona airport is just over half an hour away by car. Together with the varied accommodation options, they make its location ideal.

Parcmotor is a track that presents a great challenge for drivers. The technical demand posed by its complete variety of turns and the great rake that in the uphill phases demands perfection in the lines so as not to waste an iota of torque and speed, the necessary calculation of distance in some descents in which inertia can trick you if not taking it into account when deciding where to hit the brakes. And that endless parabolic and counter-banked curve that gives access to the back straight, the longest on the track, that is, the fastest curve that gives access to the fastest area, ergo the most important, the key that moves many seconds for or against.


The Parcmotor Castellolí project was born in 2001. Promoted by the Catalan Federation of Motorcycling and with the support of the Government of Catalonia, the project was presented to practice and promote motorcycling.
Despite the fact that the motocross circuit was built in 2002, it was not until the end of 2004 when the speed circuit began to cook, whose inauguration was in the middle of 2009.

After the inauguration, the track facilities have been created and updated. Also creating a school circuit, a karting and the Anoia Motor Campus; a space focused on holding events, presentations and training, promoting the motor industry in that area.