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There were several objectives for the “Club Day” and all of them were met in a way that far exceeded expectations.

The first thing was to organize a different kind of day, with a special incentive to bring together not only lovers of motoring and sports driving, but also those who share a passion for a particular make or model of car.

And we did, the response of the Mazda MX-5 (37), the Mini (27), and the Mini (27); encouraged by
La Guarida, the specialist workshop located in Mataró, Spain.
. The Cupra Club (26), Golf, Abarth… They gave the day a spectacular celebratory tone that with a total of 152 registered participants became a real motoring party.

The image of the Mazda on the straight of the circuit will last for a long time, and thanks to the mastery of our resident sniper, Marcus. Who knew how to capture every moment of the day from the best perspective, here it is:

Then there was also the part where we wanted to bring the circuit closer to the world, to give a little push to those who were thinking about it and help them make up their minds.

A more than affordable registration fee, moderate track time, good company, training options, and
Initiation sessions for first timers
for first timers. And for those of more advanced level and with more desire to ride, 3 hours of open track in the afternoon with less than 30 cars to share them.

All in all, a wonderful day in which everyone had a space to suit them and also with the
Photo Pack
that the participants could purchase was frozen in time to be able to savor it again and again.

Evidently a complicated challenge to manage, but thanks to the exhaustive planning with which it was prepared during the previous weeks, of course, with the collaboration and help of the staff from La Guarida, The Club Cuprathose circuit rats that are always ready to help whenever we need it, and to the Trackrat Club Staff who knows his job perfectly, everything went well. From a perfectly organized paddock where the participants could move around comfortably to an action on the track with few incidents that could be solved without major damage to the participants by readjusting the schedule. And everyone enjoying track time more than in keeping with the spirit of the day.

We hope that in the future more clubs, clans, groups of friends, will be encouraged to contact us so that we can organize their day at the circuit as well as we are able to do it.