The SEASON FINALE is planned as an opportunity to take stock of the year and as a reward for you participants for your effort, with the gift of a discount on registration for each trackday that you have come during the year, which speaking of Trackrat gives a lot, because 21 have been the dates that in different circuits or modalities we have organized during 2021 and up to 90 € that some saved to run in Calafat.

A last appointment before the holidays and the change of year that this time was colored with the presence of the Abarth Corsa Calafat in the first of many editions that we hope to be held.

Incredible experience to look out onto the straight and see these very neat machines beating each other, a trip to another time, but to the same world. More than 20 small mechanical marvels, beautiful and fast, driven by those who love them as one loves one’s own blood.

There was also room for training, not only with the Initiation batches that only Trackrat Club offers to those who want to get started in this hamstering vice of ours, but with the first experience in our events of the high level teaching that offers VRT who taught a 4-hour Master Class at Data Acquisition and that several of the advanced level pilots who participate in our events were able to take advantage of with great satisfaction for the result.

So as it was intended, a trackday in which old and new friends could enjoy our hobby once again before we could only wait for the end of January to resume the habits that we will not want to change, those of enjoying our beloved cars on the track.

We will be waiting for you there, at the
Back to the track
at Parcmotor Castellolí!