Last January during the Back to the Track celebration, the double trackday at Circuit Parcmotor with which we launched our 2022 calendar, once again at one of our events, a historic milestone took place.

The on-trackday lap time record at this track was brokendemanda, and by far. 1:43.910, a mark that leaves no doubt and that will take a long time to be beaten.

Parcmotor is a track that presents a great challenge for drivers. The technical demand posed by its complete variety of turns and the great unevenness that in the uphill phases demands perfection in the lines so as not to waste an iota of torque and speed, the necessary calculation of distance in some descents in which inertia can trick you if not taking it into account when deciding where to hit the brakes. And that endless parabolic and counter-banked turn that gives access to the back straight, the longest on the track, that is, the fastest turn that gives access to the fastest zone, ergo the most important, the key that makes many seconds move for or against

It is perhaps for this reason that’s the track that trackday drivers adore the most, when the challenge is maximum, the tension that we feed on from inside the machine becomes so intense that we feel more alive than ever and that is what we have in Parcmotor, life in abundance flowing from the fuel tank to our hearts.

in this onboard videoIn this onboard video, that because the lap is so fast it seems short, we can see how in each and every one of those moments in which the pilot has to decide, decides to go further, brake later, go wider, open gas sooner and backed by a magnificent machine such as the KTM X-Bow GT4, deals a brutal blow to the clock that will endure unbeaten for a long time.

We feel tremendously proud of having been able to create the circumstances in which such an exceptional feature could take place and we congratulate the driver and his KTM X-Bow Gt-4 as well as each and every one of the participants in our trackdays who over and over time they strive to go further and further.