Always looking to give more and better to our drivers, we doubled the bet and organized a double weekend, yes, Saturday and Sunday. Even the most hungry to burn gasoline ended up very full.

As always, there is a large European representation that gives these events a unique touch by bringing together the most special trackday riders from both sides of the Pyrenees. And from the middle of the Pyrenees too, because from Andorra a few also came to join us and to put their grain of sand in an incredible environment.

Launch also of our new membership system, created as it has been to help those who participate the most, including the fantastic 15% discount on the magnificent Nankang AR-1, is giving a lot to those who have wanted to take advantage of it .

And so once more, the KTM, Lotus, Golf MK2 and BMW E36, Porsches GT2 RS and the classics 930 and 904 (Yes, a 904!), Renault Clios, Subarus, Challengers, Corvettes … All of them and their drivers living together and sharing two days of gas, sweat and smiles that left, among other things, a new record for the fastest trackday lap on this track that we fall in love with more every day, Circuit Parcmotor.

Now that the Memorial Miguel Martínez in Calafat has passed and we are facing the Trackday at the Navarra Circuit that we will organize this coming March 20th in which many of those who were there will be back, see you on the track!