A few months ago we returned once again to set a reference being the first to organize Rallycross Trackdays on the RX track of the Circuit de Calafat, and at the request of the Subaru Club, last Saturday, November 13, we resumed that activity, riding with them a day of gasoline, dust and skids that was certainly worth it.


12 participants who, with great merit and desire to enjoy their cars in this special way, put a lot of themselves and their beloved Subaru to the test, in a day of conviviality and gas that left its mark especially on the vehicles’ tires.


Special mention for Guillem Serna, who added a spectacular rally car in which he offered a co-driver’s seat to those volunteers who participated in the cleaning of the beach of Calafat and who in this way were incredibly rewarded for their gesture of solidarity.

Conclusion, this needs to be done more, but with more wheels!