How did all this start?

With the aim of giving a space of their own to those who were looking for something more on a trackday, it's that simple.

In 2014, a group of trackdays enthusiats for whom the available offer did not give us what we needed, we took our crazy ideas about circuit days in which all the participants shared values and objectives such as healthy competition and respect and we We launched to organize our own events.

After 8 years and with more than 70 trackdays behind us, it turns out that we have created our own style and unprecedented in this country in which professionalism merges with an atmosphere of camaraderie that has been frequently described as “Racing Environment” by people who knew very well what they were talking about.

Trackrat in numbers


Organized track days


Available tracks


Drives and Co-Drivers

If you like to drive and you feel within you the desire to enjoy your car in a way that goes beyond what is allowed on public roads, your place is a circuit, a few sessions, a trackday.


Trackdays are not races, they are not competitions. Trackdays are the possibility of enjoying our own vehicle on a speed circuit for a period of time and a price previously agreed with the organizer of the event in question.

As mandatory requirements regarding the equipment of the driver and the car, really the only ones are to wear an approved helmet, which may well be a motorcycle helmet, and to wear a seatbelt when entering the track.
Then there are other items that are advisable, but not mandatory, gloves, appropriate footwear, and if of course there is a recommendation that any experienced participant would make you about something to improve in the car to enter batches, it is the brakes, especially installing brided brake hoses.

From there, the spirit with which people go to participate in a trackday or a batch is varied, being able to do so by a driver who trains or prepares a car to compete or a driver who wants to enjoy his vehicle in a way that in the road is not possible today without taking high risks in various aspects.

Yes, we live in a time when the pressure on drivers is stronger than ever and anything that can make you smile can also get you in trouble…
But we have good news, it is also the same time that it was never easier and more accessible to go with your own car to race on a speed circuit and also with Trackrat, it is a safe and incredibly satisfying activity.

The truth, currently if you like to drive and enjoy whatever your vehicle is without fear of getting into trouble and feel truly free to give gas, it is the option to consider.