Dear participants and colleagues,

Finally comes this special time of the year that is the Miguel Martinez Memorial, the day when while we celebrate our partner, we give the opportunity to those who normally do not occupy the top of the time to be the masters of the track.

The participants of T3 in the morning and the open track in the afternoon all have experience and those who do not, are in Initiation, as it should be. Most of you have already shared a track and are regulars at our events.

Both for track time and number of participants, our events set a high standard of quality and a track day with Trackrat is one in which meeting the objectives with which you go to the track is practically guaranteed.
On this occasion, the T3 groups will be about 10 cars, the open track a total of 25 and Initiation, as always, the maximum of 12, so it is clear that we play a lot of track per head.

The WEATHER is sunny, without the wind that in Calafat we know how uncomfortable it can be and a temperature of 13ºC at midday, which for February, is a joy.

The company will be the best, pilots all so eager to enjoy themselves that you will undoubtedly give the day a great atmosphere.

The sound limit for cars is 95dB at 3,000rpm and the circuit is carrying out sonometric controls before entering the track!



Please collaborate as much as possible to show that circuit events are not a source of contagion or a place of risk.


On Saturday 26th, those of you who may need it, can drop off your car and/or trailer at the circuit from 18:00 to 20:00.

On Sunday 27th, we will open the gates of the circuit at 07:30. From there until 08:30 for the Full Day and T3, you will have time to complete the administrative formalities, always at the organization’s box, which will be on the 25th.

At 08:30 in the restaurant of the circuit will be the briefing of pilots, which will be attended by attendance is mandatoryIf any reason prevents you from doing so or if you arrive late to the circuit, please let us know, it is your obligation as well as ours to make sure that you have received the pertinent instructions by the time you enter the track.

Those of T2 Initiation who will start the theory at 09:40 and where the contents of the briefing are already included have until this time to complete the formalities. Those of you who will race on the afternoon track, should arrive around 12:30 to have time to do the paperwork, participate in the homage lap and in the Photo-Rolling for those of you who have taken it with the registration and in the Open Track drivers briefing.

Attention VERY IMPORTANT, anyone who wants to access the track in a vehicle must have been accredited at the organization table where the compulsory insurance will be made, they will be given the bracelet that certifies it and must wear a helmet.

If you have not yet registered your co-drivers, we remind you once again that you can take out the insurance from
. From Friday at 12:00 the price of the co-pilot/second pilot insurance increases from 20€ to 30€.

Make sure once you are going to enter the track that the driver and co-driver are wearingthe bracelet, otherwise the marshals will not let the vehicle access the track with the disturbance that this can represent for you and other participants.



In addition to that, only the drivers are authorized to wear an open or JET helmet without a mask inside the car. In fact, it is the only time that you can be without a mask in the entire circuit area, as well as in the restaurant while eating.

From 08:00 when we open to 09:30, when the mandatory drivers safety briefing will take place in the pitlane, you have time to arrive, locate yourself in the PADDOCK area or the BOX that has been assigned to you and then approach the BOX 25 where the organization’s table will be (it will be easy to recognize it by the banners and because it is the last one on the right), to accredit yourselves and your co-drivers, mechanics and companions and to receive all the documentation, wristbands, vehicle identification stickers, etc.

In the organization box you will have available helmets for rent, license plate covers, pressure gauges and other items from the TRACKRAT STORE, such as our Trackrat Petrolwear line t-shirts. And in the adjoining box you will have a compressor and mechanical assistance. Assistance, not miracles!


So, at 09:00 the track will open and will start with 25-minute runs, All-In group and Sport group, two runs of each group.

At 09:40 the theoretical initiation will start in the training room and at 10:40 the first initiation session will take place.

Again at 11:10, the All-In and Sport batches followed by the second initiation batch, and when this one is finished, the FAST SERIESSo we will arrive at 13:00 when the track closes for lunch until 14:00 and we will take the opportunity to make everyone go out to the track and pay tribute to our colleague Miguel in the company of his family giving a lap of the circuit.

And for those of you who have caught it with the inscription, those very special photos of the Photo-rolling.

13:30, briefing for the Open Pit and at 14:00, we will be back with another 3 HOURS open pit session! That will last until 17:00 when the event will conclude and we will go back home with a lot of tiredness and a big smile on our faces.

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As usual in our events, the participants in the Full day session have a spot in the box included with the registration.

If you do not have a box or you do not need the one you have assigned, but you have materials in the car that can bother you while you are on the track, you can leave them safely in the organization’s box.

Here is the list of assigned pit boxes.


The track groups are organized to improve the experience of the participants as much as possible, trying to ensure that the rhythm is even in each one.

As in Trackrat we always go with a lot of margin over the total occupation authorized by the circuit, which in this case would be 30 cars, if for whatever reason you do not think you are located in the group that corresponds to you, let us know and without any problem we will We will change the one that best suits you.


There will be a restaurant service inside the paddock of the circuit, from 08:00 to 16:00, coffee, sandwiches and self-service menu, the latter at the price of 15 €.

nearest to the circuit is about 5 kilometers in the direction of Barcelona/Tarragona, the
Thanks to an agreement we have reached with them, they will open at 8:00 and will give coffee and pasta to all those who refuel there on behalf of Trackrat.

Remember that you can consult
your times that will be measured with Cronolaps and that we have in place the
Lap Challenge
with which you can get great prizes and give value to each and every one of your laps.

Do not hesitate to contact us to clear any other doubt you may have.

We are waiting for you at the Circuit de Calafat with the hope that we all have a great time and return home the same way we arrived but more tired and much happier!


See you on the track!

The Trackrat Team