19 Oct 2020


08:00 - 18:00


As long as through the passion that unite us you can enjoy, get excited and be happier, at Trackrat Club we never stop thinking, devising new ways to achieve it as when we launched this virtual format that had a great welcoming … And now is back!

Do you want to enjoy Circuit Parcmotor Castelloli ..? Well, you will be able to do it and in such a way.

We introduce you:

A new experience that in the magnificent frame offered by the platform ASSETTO CORSA has gathered Trackrat Club, Rent4Speed y Dompetizione So that all of you enjoy driving, SIM racers can make jump to a real track, trackday drivers compete in the same circuit where you normally drive, and those who already do both, test yourself , and of course some of you win some very interesting prizes.

From now on Dompetizione will organize these Challenges that both in Castellolí and Calafat will precede our real events. We have set up dedicated servers in Assetto Corsa where from October 19 to 24 you can fight against the clock at the steering wheel of our renewed 207 R4S in nothing more and nothing less than our favorite circuit! Parcmotor Castelloli, incorporated into Assetto Corsa thanks to the magic of Dompetizione as a modder, which is working every day so that it ends up being an exact reproduction of the real track with which those of us who drive there with our cars can even train and provide excellent feedback and valuable information that will be a great help in this objective.

The 30 fastest drivers in this first qualifying round type timeattack will be the ones who will compete in the final race on October 25 and will be able to race on the real circuit with the real car on the Back to the Track IV our trackday on November 1st at Parcmotor.

So, on October 25, Sunday, the first 30 classified will face each other and will compete in a race that will determine who will win these three prizes … third classified, an exclusive Trackrat Petrolwear T-Shirt Trackrat Petrolwear , second classified a Trackrat Experience as co-driver in “The Revenant” our Lotus Exige GT3 and finally the first classified and absolute winner of the RENT4SPEED SIM CHALLENGE PARCMOTOR will get… A Rent4SpeedTrack4 Experience which consists of 12 laps driving one of their cars at the Circuit de Castelloli.

All this during the spectacular trackday that we will celebrate there on November 1st, the Back to the Track IV, an event as special as Trackrat Club and in which the entry list is truly amazing.

A gift for any motorsport lover, the simple fact of being there, but with this Challenge you can get on the track at the wheel of a tracktool!

And what do you have to do to participate? Well, very simple, to start with, obviously, have Assetto Corsa PC installed, but be careful, the normal one not the Competizione.

Then, buy and download the Participation Pack, with the latest version of the track and the updated mod with the cars that will be used in this Challenge, then you will receive a link to the registration FORM and when you have them filled out and everything installed, you will be add to the entry list to access the server and that’s it … Let’s drive!

Servers will be open every day from 09:00 to 07:00, from 07:00 to 09:00 maintenance work will be carried out. After 9:00 p.m., the event administrators will no longer be available to attend to possible technical problems.
Only those who have the circuit, the cars, are registered and know the entry code, will be able to enter the servers. Due to the fact that to make the update of the list of pilots effective, the server has to be restarted, the incorporation of new registrations will be done the morning after the registration date, during maintenance hours. In the meantime, as you already have a track and vehicles, you can train offline and thus enter the competition with a good footing.

So that you can emulate the server conditions in your private training sessions, here is its configuration:

Rent4Speed SIM Challenge 2

Password required and be included in the entry list

Grip 100%
Time of the day: 14:00
Air temperature 24º
Track temperature 28º
TC/ABS Factory
Stability control / Auto clutch not allowed
Damage 100%
Fuel consumption 100%
Tire wear rate 100%
Tire warmers allowed
Jump start teleportation to pitlane

From Monday 19 to Saturday 24 at 12:00, the servers will be available continuously in mode track day / practice session so that you can train and make lap times.
On Saturday from 12:00 a selection will be made of the 30 first classified that will participate in the final on Sunday 25 and that will have this format:

17:00 Practice 15Min
17:15 Qualy 15 Min
17:30 race 40 Min + 1 Lap

The races will be broadcast live through various channels, platforms and social networks of the organizers and sponsors, but mainly on TwitchDompetizione’s channel.

There will also be a Discord channel to which participants will receive an invitation, so that you can communicate when you coincide on the track and keep up to date with how things are going.

You can consult the Challenge rules and regulations here.