27 May 2024


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Trackrat Club Oktober Trackfest 2021

In order to recover the time lost this year there is nothing better than a double event, the Oktober Trackfest 2021 offers those who want to participate the possibility of enjoying two of our favorite tracks in two days and thus amortizing the trip.

Once again we will bring together riders from all over Europe and give them the opportunity to take part in two trackdays of those that leave their mark, full of respect, healthy competition and petro smell.



Sunday October 10th Circuit de Calafat and Monday October 11th Parcmotor Castellolí, identical formats varying only the maximum number of participants that will be 30 for Calafat and 50 for Castellolí.

Two events in the purest Trackrat style, made up of a morning session driving in 30-minute stints divided into 2 proportionate and homogeneous groups organized by lap times / performance and an open pit session in the afternoon that will leave all the drivers satiated of track.

So with the right and best companionship,driving at all times with an occupation on the track below 75% of that allowed by the tracks, selected participants, good behavior and the environment that you can only find with Trackrat and that so many times. it has been defined as “racing”.

Included with the registration, driver’s insurance, lap timing and BOX spot until availability is exhausted.


From Trackrat Club we continually look for a way for participants in our events to get every last drop of satisfaction out of their day on the track, leading to the fast-paced rhythm of the Fast Series at noon and the illusion of getting those unique images of Photo Rolling concluding the morning session.

Fast Series

The Fast Series give drivers who desire so, the opportunity to seek their limits and fight against the clock in the best possible conditions.

Photo Rolling

The Photo-Rolling is the great moment of images, we put our photographer on the track inside a vehicle followed by those participants who have acquired the corresponding Photo Pack and the result speaks for itself.


With both the Photo Rolling and the Photo Pack you can relive and show your best moments frozen in time by one of the most well-known Motorsport photographers in Europe, our resident sniper, Marcus.

1:1 Coaching

With us the track action interruptions are minimal and those who choose us to enjoy their passion, whatever their motivation when going to the track, know that with Trackrat, they will return home with their objectives fulfilled and as whole as they arrived at the circuit …

Perhaps it helps the fact that in addition to limiting the number of places, selecting participants and carrying out a complete and mandatory safety briefing on each Trackday, we give training the highest priority, thus making traffic on the track more fluid and safe.

With the possibility of booking in advance the 1:1 coaching service, with which one of our couches will get in the car with you while you drive and will even analyze the telemetry to help you optimize your experience, and also with that the safety of each pilot and that of the group grows exponentially.


In short, an event designed so that in these difficult times that we live, the participants can enjoy what they like the most without having to worry about anything at all, neither on the track nor in the paddock … Nor outside the circuit, as we have as always very good accommodation options for those who come from afar.

And even more outside the track, because as is customary in our events, before and after the trackdays, taking advantage of the magnificent accommodation options that we manage for the participants and depending on the time of year, there will be barbecues, beach, food and routes of road.

All this always in the company of Trackrats from all over Europe who will come to participate from Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland and maybe even from the UK, it would not be the first time.


Circuit de Calafat


Full day
  • 30 Places available
  • Driver insurance
  • Lap Timing
  • Box spot while available

Parcmotor Castellolí


Full day
  • 50 Places available
  • Driver insurance
  • Lap Timing
  • Box spot while available

ComboMás popular.


Special forfait booking both dates.
  • 30 Places available

* Special offer booking before August 10th.

Additional services

On track
Second driver/copilot insurance
15 minutes coach (without telemetry)
60 minutes coaching (with telemetry)
3 hours coach (car clinic)
Photo Pack
Signel photo
Helmet rental

As always, you will have the complete TR Service, box hospitality, mechanical assistance, safety briefing, ambulance, track marshals, and everything we can do to make your day on the track the best possible.

Hourly Schedule

10 Octubre 2021

Desde las 08:00 - a las 18:00
Circuit de Calafat
Trackday Calafat

11 Octubre 2021

Desde las 08:00 - a Las 18:00
Circuit Parcmotor
Trackday Castellolí