29 Apr 2021 - 01 May 2021


08:00 - 18:00


The most spectacular track day that can be experienced in this country is back, an event with a European flavor, the Lotus & Light Cars Spring Weekend.

In 3 days of cars, gas and good coexistence with drivers from all over Europe, we will enjoy 2 of our favorite tracks, the Circuit de Calafat and the spectacular Motorland Aragon and also in a very special way.

Given the current circumstances, we may have to reformulate this double event and reconcilethe practice of our sport with the prevention measures that are so necessary today to face the threat of the coronavirus.

But all and so, we will offer you a balm with which to regain joy, although reducing the number of places available, to make it the way to come to the track complying with all the anti-COVID-19 precautions.

So for both days the scheme is the same with slight variations.

Morning driving in 30 minute stints, divided into 2 groups organized by laptimes / performance. Up to a total of 4 stints per group. And at end the morning session, our epic Fast Series, the moment when those fastest drivers on each group will have a chance to crush the clock. To participate in them, 7 cars will qualify in Calafat and 10 in Motorland.
In the afternoon open pit session of 3 and 4 hours respectively in Calafat and Motorland.

The best and right company, driving at all times with an occupation on the track below 75% of allowed, selected participants, good behavior and the environment that you can only find with Trackrat and that has been defined so many times as “Racing ambience.”

An event especially dedicated to lightweights, but not exclusive, we have never filtered the participants for any reason other than their quality as people and drivers, and we are not going to start now.

Ah! And at noon, all those who have chosen the Photo Pack option will also be able to participate in the special photo rolling session that it has been a classic in our events for quite some time now and that leaves images that you will want to frame.

Both in Calafat and in Motorland, the distribution of boxes will be made seeking a commitment to COVID measures, which together with the restriction on both tracks of the limit of visitors / guests per registered participant, leaves us a lot of space to distribute even in a maximum situation occupation.

Definitely, 2 events designed so that in these difficult times in which we live, participants can enjoy what they like the most without having to worry about anything at all, neither on the track nor in the paddock… nor off the circuit.

So much so that we have magnificent accommodation options with excellent rates, mark the corresponding option on the registration form and we will inform you in detail.

And off the track, even more, because as is tradition in this event, before and after the trackdays, taking advantage of the magnificent accommodation options that we manage for the participants, there will be barbecues, beach, food and road routes.

All this always in the company of the Track rats from all over Europe who will come to participate from Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland and maybe even from the UK, it would not be the first time.

Calafat Full Day


4 Stints x 30 minutes + 3H Open Pit
  • 20 Places available
  • Driver insurance
  • Lap Timing
  • Box spot

Motorland Full Day


4 Stints x 30 minutos + 4H Open Pit
  • 50 Places available
  • Driver insurance
  • Lap Timing
  • Box spot

Calafat + Motorland ComboMost Popular


Fullday x 2Incription Fullday on both events



-Calafat 270€
-Motorland 490€
-Combo Calafat & Motorland 660€


-Calafat 300€
-Motorland 550€
-Combo Calafat & Motorland 760€


-Calafat 320€
-Motorland 600€
-Combo Calafat & Motorland 850€

Additional services

Additional driver / co-driver insurance € 20
Box exclusive Calafat 80€
Box Exclusive Motorland 150€
Coach 15 minutes (Without telemetry analysis) 30€
Coach 60 minutes (With telemetry analysis) 80€
Coach 3 Hours (Car Clinic) 180€
Helmet rental 20€
Pack de fotografias 20€
Photographies on web 4€/un

As always, you will have the complete TR Service, box hospitality, mechanical assistance, safety briefing, ambulance, track marshals, and everything we can do to make your day on the track the best possible.