17 Jul 2022


08:00 - 19:00


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Parcmotor Castellolí - July 17th..

8 years of best batches, that would be what we should celebrate this July 17th on the 8th Anniversary of Trackrat Club, but everything indicates that it will be that and much more.

After 2 years in which we have had to curb our desire to share joy with as many as possible and limit everything related to social contact, it seems that we will be able to have a party again as we deserve.

We already have a lot of things planned that will happen on this anniversary, especially the changes related to the draw that has been made every year in which a participant on that day could win a free trackday, and the prize of all prizes, the year of free tracks!

Starting this year and since we launched our membership systemand whit it, the Lap Challenge, the winner of these awards will be one of our Trackrat Advance or Master, that in addition to all the discounts in the events in the TRStore and the Nankang AR-1, Can win one of these prizes. Incredible all that can be achieved by being a member of Trackrat Club.

But there are still a lot of other things that thanks to you and your participation are yet to be decided, such as what batches we will do. In Trackrat Club, like good “tanderos”, we never stop trying to go further and after having gathered enough Clios Sport, Civics Type R, Mazdas MX-5, Minis, Cupras, VW Golf, Lotus, Porsche, Abarths, Abaths classics… As for making an exclusive batch with each of these brands or models, with your help we still believe that we can look for more challenges.

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So we count on you so that together we can make this anniversary the definitive festival of the batches, with the Annual Trophies of the Circuit Rats, the awards ceremony of the Lap Challenge, the drawing of the co-drivers, what happens on the track and the many other things that come to mind between now and then.

A day that you can also enjoy accompanied by anyone who wants to come to the Circuit Parcmotor, as it is the only time of the year that an event of ours is open day.

A day also different in the track format, which throughout the day will be 25-minute batches, some ordered by performance and others… well, for fun.
Possibility of taking 2, 3 or 6, or if you have not yet made your debut on the track, our exclusiveinitiation series through which we will try to give you an unbeatable first experience that will make you a regular on the circuits.


Circuit opening
8:00 - 9:30
9:30 - 9:55
MANDATORY briefing
10:00 - 13:00
Group sessions
13:00 - 13:20
13:20 - 13:40
13:40 - 18:00
Open Pit

Provisional schedule and subject to change.

From Trackrat Club we continually look for a way for the participants in our events to get even the last drop of satisfaction out of their day on the track, taking it to the fast-paced rhythm of the Fast Series and the yearning to get those unique images of the Photo-Rolling at the end of the morning session.


The Fast Series give drivers who want so, the opportunity to seek their limits and fight against the clock in the best possible conditions.

At noon, the fastest 10 drivers during the morning will take to the track in order from fastest to least, so that they will have a session where they can step on the accelerator without interruptions and fight to beat your own records without risk of finding traffic.


With both the Photo-Rolling and the Photo Pack you can relive and show your best moments frozen in time by one of the most well-known Motorsport photographers in Europe: our resident sniper, Marcus.


Photo-Rolling is the great moment of images, we put our photographer on the track inside a vehicle followed by those participants who have purchased the corresponding photo pack and the result speaks for itself.



Coaching has a very important place in our events, with the possibility of contracting in advance the coaching service, with which one of our instructors will get in the car with you while you drive and will even analyze the telemetry to help you optimize your experience. The safety of the group grows exponentially.

With our mandatory briefing, the limitation of the number of places and the selection of the participants, it means that when driving with us the interruptions are minimal and those who choose us to enjoy their passion, whatever their motivation when going to the circuit, they know that with Trackrat they will return home with their objectives fulfilled and as whole as they arrived at the circuit.


This event takes place at the Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí. You can check its characteristics, history, as well as important details such as the current sound restrictions on it here.


4.146 meters

Left turns



625 meters

Sound check

95dB at 3.000rpm

Right turns



12 meters


To facilitate participation in our events for those who need to travel and spend the night out, we always have accommodation options to offer to our drivers.

Quality, proximity to the circuits, availability and normally negotiated rates with which this section is a pure formality instead of a concern.

Our two accommodation recommendations at Parcmotor Castellolí are the Montserrat Hotel and the Hilton Barcelona Golf Hotel.

Montserrat Hotel

In Collbató, 10/15 minutes from the circuit, it has two categories of rooms: standard and superior, in a price range that can be very economical.

Indoor open-air parking, where you can access with a trailer.

Although accommodation with breakfast is available, there is no restaurant service for dinner, although it is easy to find good restaurants in the area.


Hotel Barcelona Golf

Recently remodeled in a spectacular way, it is in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, about 25/30 minutes from the circuit.

It offers a complete and very good restaurant service, it has a closed underground parking and an outdoor one under the open sky.


Once on the circuit, in the outdoor parking you will have a bar/restaurant service, with coffee and sandwiches and a self-service menu for lunch at the price of € 15.



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As the trackday date approaches, the discounts on the booking price decrease. By subscribing to one of Trackrat Club’s paid memberships, exploit the best prices at any time.

Additional services

As always, you will have the complete TR Service, box hospitality, mechanical assistance, safety briefing, ambulance, track marshals, and everything we can do to make your day on the track the best possible.

Second driver/copilot insurance
Coach 15 minutes (without telemetry analysis)
Coach 60 minutes (with telemetry analysis)
Coach 3 hours (Car Clinic)
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