Private batches

What are batches?

Trackdays are not races, they are not competitions. Trackdays are the possibility of enjoying our own vehicle on a speed circuit for a period of time and a price previously agreed with the organizer of the event in question.

As mandatory requirements regarding the driver’s and the car’s equipment, the only ones are to wear an approved helmet, which may well be a motorcycle helmet, to wear a seat belt and close the windows when entering the track, to have the vehicle’s tow hook mounted to facilitate a possible rescue and that the brake lights work properly.

Then there are other advisable but not mandatory items, gloves, appropriate footwear and if there is certainly a recommendation on something to improve the car to enter in tandas that any experienced participant would do is to improve the brakes, especially install metal hoses.

From there, the spirit with which people come to participate in them is varied, being able to do it a pilot who prepares a car to compete or a driver who wants to enjoy his vehicle in a way that is not possible on the road today without assuming high risks in several aspects.

Actually, if you like to drive and enjoy whatever your vehicle is without fear of getting into trouble and feel truly free to give gas, it is the only option or at least the most accessible.

Another very important thing is that you can trust that the other drivers around you will at all times make the correct maneuver and act in the manner expected of them, which is usually none other than what logic and safety dictate.

When everything fails and by mistake of the driver or the machine something goes wrong and the limits of the track are exceeded there are no trees or rocks or walls or nearby walls, there is an area adjacent to the asphalt called escape, sometimes asphalt also, other gravel or even grass, usually smooth and flat that allows stopping the car without colliding with any element and thus safeguarding the integrity of both car and driver being only bruised the first self-respect and may be a little loaded with stones the second.

But what happens if you still hit a wall or another vehicle? What happens when there is an accident and danger makes its presence felt? Do you have to call an emergency number and wrestle with someone on the other end of the phone to identify the location of the event and receive help that may arrive later than would have been necessary? Do we have to be anxious while all this is going on, thinking about the legal consequences of what has happened? No. In a circuit in a matter of seconds there is at your side a professional perfectly trained and prepared to save your life helping you while another colleague warns or even stops the other vehicles, in the time it takes to arrive from the pitlane you have an ambulance helping you and from there you are already covered and you do not need to explain to anyone what you were doing where you were driving at what speed.

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Undoubtedly, if there is a place where you can enjoy your car with freedom and safety, it is a speed circuit and the way to do it is through the laps. Then it is up to each one to decide which ones to go to, in which circuit, with which organizer, to value what each one offers and to opt for the most economical or the safest, as I said, it is a matter of taste.

In our particular case, the only thing we give more importance to than healthy competitiveness is safety, starting from the beginning with our Initiation sessions, which offer the possibility of making your debut on a circuit in the best possible way, receiving prior instruction from a professional, going out on track accompanied only by a small group of others who, like you, although inexperienced, have decided to start off on the right foot, which already says a lot about what can be expected of them.