Dear participants and colleagues,

Once again and in a very special way, we have to thank you for your participation in this new TIMEATTACK initiative with which, as always, we want you to have an even better time enjoying our passion.

We take this opportunity to remind you that a July is coming full of great emotions with MotorLand Aragón, the Circuit de Catalunya and the 8th Anniversaryat Parcmotor Castellolí and there are still places available

The scheme of the day for this stage of the TimeAttack consists of a succession of sessions that allow the participants to ride at ease and undisturbed in the search for their best times, and to progress during the day in 3 phases:

1.- Preparatory stage in 2 groups that will begin with a 10 minutes SHACKEDOWN as recognition and 2 rounds of 40 minutes per group.

2.- Qualifying phase, once the first laptimes have been obtained, everyone will be ordered into 3 groups to do three rounds of 25 minutes per group, the times obtained during this phase will give access to the finals.

3.- Final phase, 3 rounds of 20 minutes in which the finalists of each category will participate.


The weather is going to create uncertainty until the last day, but for now forecast looks good.


As you are also a magnificent selection of passionates of this thing of us acting like a hamster and with the collaboration of all, we will have the time of our lives… well, speaking of Trackrat, rather like always?

The sound limit for cars is 95dB at 3,000rpm and the circuit is carrying out sonometric controls before entering the track!


On Friday 03, those who need it will be able to access the circuit from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to leave trailers in the paddock and cars in the pits. If you are going to arrive later than 8:00 p.m, please let us know so that we can coordinate your arrival with the circuit’s security personnel.

Already on Saturday 04, we will open the gates of the circuit at 07:30, the event will be closed and to access the circuit, you and your companions, you must be on the list at the entrance.

You must have received an email with instructions and a link to identify your guests, mechanics and second drivers and co-drivers, please make sure that this has been the case and follow these instructions so that everything works correctly and there are no access problems.

Also in that link you have your last chance to contract the Photo Pack at an exceptional price, €20 for all your track photos, whose price from Thursday at 12:00 goes from €20 to €30.

As well as the co-pilot and second pilotinsurance, which also from Thursday at 12:00 go from €25to €35 and from €50 to €60, respectively.

Attention VERY IMPORTANT, anyone who wants to access the track in a vehicle must have been accredited at the organization table where the compulsory insurance will be made, they will be given the bracelet that certifies it and must wear a helmet.

Make sure once you are going to enter the track that the driver and co-driver are wearingthe bracelet, otherwise the marshals will not let the vehicle access the track with the disturbance that this can represent for you and other participants.


From 07:30 when we open until 09:30 when the briefingwill take place for drivers in the hall enabled for it on the roof of the pits building, you have time to arrive, locate yourself in the PADDOCK area or the BOX that has been assigned to you and go to BOX 3 where the organization desk is, (it will be easy for you to recognize it by the banners and because it is the last one on the right), to accredit yourself and your co-drivers, mechanics and companions and receive all the documentation, bracelets, vehicle identification stickers, etc.

In the organization box you will have available helmets for rent, license plate covers, pressure gauges and other items from the TRACKRAT STORE, such as our Trackrat Petrolwear line t-shirts. And in the adjoining box you will have a compressor and mechanical assistance. Assistance, not miracles!

Both for track time and number of participants, our events set a high standard of quality and a track day with Trackrat is one in which meeting the objectives with which you go to the track is practically guaranteed.


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At 10:00, as a novelty, we will start with those very special photos of the Photo-Rolling session, which will last 15 minutes and in which those who have chosen that option with the registration or in the link that we have mentioned above will participate.

It only takes a little look on our social networks to realize that it is very worthwhile.

At 10:15 we continue with 10 minutes of SHAKEDOWNfor each group, which will allow those who do not know the track to ride in “yellow flags” mode and discover the track with ease.

And at 10:35 the big moment arrives and the action begins on the track in a format of 40 minute sessions in 2 groups organized by times/performance, 2 sessions per group.

Once this first preparatory phase is over, the qualifying phase beginsat 1:15 p.m. with the participants ordered using the times previously obtained in 3 groups, driving in 25-minute sessions, 3 sessions per group.

And finally, at 5:00 p.m., the finals, 3 rounds of 20 minutes in which the fastests in each category will participate and where the winning TimeAttackers will be determined in Castellolí, who will receive their prizes at the ceremony that will follow. at 18:10!


Here is the list of assigned pit boxes. If you want to have a Box, and you did not reserve it with the registration, HEREyoucan book it.



You can check the technical regulations HERE.


The menu will be available soon.


The closest gas station to the circuit is the Area del Bruc (Repsol), on the A2 about 7 kilometers coming from Martorell.

To eat you will have a restaurant service in the outdoor car park of the circuit, from 08:30 to 16:00, coffee, sandwiches, pizzas and menu.

Do not hesitate to contact us to clear any other doubt you may have.


See you on the track!

The Trackrat Team