If you are accessing the circuit as visitors and/or companions of a participant, it is important that you bear in mind that your presence on the trackday, although welcome, is subject to mandatory compliance with a series of basic rules. We love having an audience, it gives color, if you accompany a participant it is obvious that it improves their day and it is very nice to see the tanderos share their hobby with their family and friends. But here at the end of the day, the priority is the cars and those who drive them.

A speed circuit is the opposite of a pedestrian zone, in any part of it, the preference ALWAYS belongs to the vehicles and therefore pedestrians must be attentive to the movements of vehicles, at any time and place but especially in the Pit Lane.

The boxes are occupied by Trackday participants and therefore traffic is restricted to those participants and their accredited guests. If you are going to want to enter a box, ask its occupants for permission before doing so.

If you want to access the pitlane wall, it will be done quickly and paying attention to possible vehicle traffic.. Access to the pitlane is prohibited with children under 12 years of age or with pushchairs and/or pets. In fact, animals will not be allowed to enter the paddock.

Is totally prohibited:

Sit on the wall of the finish line, neither in nor out, you can only stand behind the wall.

Smoking in the boxes and pit lane and immediately adjoining areas.

If you have entered the circuit by car, the maximum speed at all times when you are not on the track is limited to 30 km per hour. The circuit and the organizer are NOT responsible for the accidents suffered by visitors or the damage that their vehicles may suffer within their facilities.

The staff of the circuit and/or the organization will have the right to not allow access to the circuit premises or to expel from it whoever fails to comply with the rules set forth here or any others that they deem convenient or necessary, due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, any other narcotic substance or for behaviors that represent danger to others or for misuse of identifications (bracelets and / or stickers).