As part of the Gran Weekend, this double event in which we will celebrate our 100th trackday, we return to what is undoubtedly one of the best tracks in Europe, the always magnificent MotorLand Aragon. And thanks to you we will spend another epic day there. Less than 35 cars and a group of drivers who are the best of the best.

We take this opportunity to remind you that on Sunday 3rd we will be at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and although there are no more places available, something could change on Friday… so do not lose hope, because the misfortune of some could become the fortune of others.


In the link below, you can register your guests, spectators, mechanics, second drivers and co-drivers. You have until TUESDAY 28th at 19:00 to do so.

Please, make sure to register everyone who accompanies you to the event to avoid access problems. You and your guests must be on the entry list of the track.

Remember that the price of insurance for your co-pilots is 20€ and second pilots is 50€, and that once the deadline for guest registration has passed (Tuesday 28th at 19:00) it will cost 30€ and 60€ respectively.


Next, we will describe how the day is scheduled to unfold and what you should do when to make the most of your tandera experience.

On Thursday, November 30 , those of you who need it, will be able to access the circuit from 18:00 to 20:00 to leave trailers in the paddock and cars in the pits. If you are going to arrive later than8:00 p.m., please let us know so that we can coordinate your arrival with the circuit’s security personnel.

On friday, december 1stWe will open the gates of the circuit at 7:30 a.m. so that you have time to arrive, place yourselves in the box assigned to you, and then go to the box 24 where will be the table of the organization to accredit yourselves and your co-drivers, mechanics and companions and to receive all the documentation, wristbands, vehicle identification stickers, timing, etc. The organization’s box will be easy to recognize because of the banners and because it is the leftmost of the boxes we will use.

Once accredited, at 8:20 a.m., in the room on the second floor set aside for this purpose, there will be the mandatory
Remember that you will NOT be able to access the track without having attended the briefing.

To make it easier for you to get the track marshal’s indications about the details of the track here are some links to his safety briefing in


French and English

As of the opening of the track, we will begin with a 15-minute session as a shackedown so that those who do not know this circuit can explore it calmly.

Next is Photo Rolling, with which you will have those incredible images on the track.

And the big moment arrives with the action beginning on the track. As indicated in the schedule, there will be a single group with those from the Full day, in Open Pit format.

At 12:30 p.m. To end the morning session and so that those of you who love to set good times have the opportunity to ride at the limit, we will hold our already well-known
Fast Series
which will be 15 minutes each.

The lunch break will begin at 13:00.
The cafeteria/restaurant of the circuit, on the 1st floor of the pit building and from where you can see the finishing straight, is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. At noon there will be a self-service menu, priced at 17 euros without coffee, and lunch will be served from 12:30 to 15:30.

And then, at 14:00 we will return to the load to finish the day with 3.5 hours of open track to return home fully satiated track or continue our Grand Weekend on the way to the Circuit de Catalunya.

Attention VERY IMPORTANT, anyone who wants to access the track in a vehicle must have been accredited at the organization table where the compulsory insurance will be made, they will be given the bracelet that certifies it and must wear a helmet.

Make sure once you are going to enter the track that the driver and co-driver are wearingthe bracelet, otherwise the marshals will not let the vehicle access the track with the disturbance that this can represent for you and other participants.



If you have not contracted the photographic service, in the following button you have your last chance to do so. The Track Pack of Photos by 30 with all your track photos, the price of which, as well as the co-driver/second insurance pilot, from TUESDAY at 19:00 it goes from 30€ to 50€ and the PHOTO ROLLING for 20€ more in which if you do not book in advance you will not be able to participate.


As usual in our events, participants in the Full-day session have a place in the box included with registration until availability lasts.

There is also the option of having an exclusive box at an additional cost.

Here you have the list of the assigned boxes:


The track groups are organized to improve the experience of the participants as much as possible, trying to ensure that the rhythm is even in each one.

At Trackrat we always go with a lot of margin over the total occupation authorized by the circuit, if for whatever reason you do not think you are located in the group that corresponds to you, let us know and without any problem we will change you to the one that best suits you.

In this case, as it is an Open Pit event, there are no groups.


As always when we come to Motorland, the accommodation for most of us and the pre-trackday dinner is at “Apartamentos Las Eras” and its restaurant, “Bielas y Pistones”, in Castelseras, about 15 minutes from the circuit.

Dinner will be at 9:00 p.m. and this is the planned menu. It has been so successful that we need you to please choose the main set in advance.

Apartamentos Las Eras

In Castelseras, 10/15 minutes from the circuit, they have three sets of apartments of various sizes, modern, and fully equipped that, in combination with the “Bielas y Pistones” restaurant, offer quality accommodation that is at the same time homely and complete. The prices are very affordable, especially for groups.

Limited indoor parking, you can park on the street without problem, very quiet area. If you go with a trailer, although there are solutions for this, we recommend that you first go to the circuit to leave it.

Accommodation is available with breakfast and dinner.


Hotel Villa Monter

Located on the outskirts of Alcañiz in the area closest to the circuit and just 5/8 minutes from it.

For those who prefer a more classic accommodation format, this remodeled old farmhouse offers charm and sobriety, with excellent restaurant service, open-air parking and a swimming pool.




Weather information for the day can be found here.


The closest gas station to the circuit is the Repsol de Alcañiz service station, on the N-232, about 11 kilometers from the circuit.


In the organization box you will have available helmets for rent, license plate covers, pressure gauges and other items from the TRACKRAT STORE, such as our Trackrat Petrolwear line t-shirts. And in the adjoining box you will have a compressor and mechanical assistance. Assistance, not miracles!

Do not hesitate to contact us to clear any other doubt you may have.


See you on the track!

The Trackrat Team