Can I register the same day as the trackday?

No, in Trackrat registrations cannot be made the same day of the event.

When can I register a co-driver?

The co-drivers can register in advance but also on the day of the trackday at the track.

I'm going to participate in a trackday and I want the photos. How do I do it?

Getting your photos is very simple. You can request them in three ways:

  • In advance when you register by checking the “Photo Pack” option.
  • The day of the trackday when carrying out the administrative procedures, requesting the “Photography Pack” and paying it at that time.
  • After trackday, on our website at a cost of €5 per photograph.

You will receive them by e-mail.

What is a trackday?

A circuit activity in which you drive your own car.

What equipment is necessary or mandatory?

There is more recommended equipment , but only the helmet is mandatory for both the pilot and the co-pilot.

What requirements must the car meet?

Towing hooks and brake lights, in addition to not presenting any element that, in the opinion of the organization, could represent a danger.

During the duration of the time for which I have paid, am I required to remain on track?

No, during the time you have on the court you can enter and exit as many times as you want.