Dear participants and colleagues,

As always and first of all, thank you for your fantastic response to our proposal, which we believe already has a great reward implicit in on what you are going to enjoy.

This weekend at Parcmotor Castelloli we are going to be able to enjoy our favorite track in fantastic conditions and also with the great news that Trackrat Club are the first (no, that’s not new) to offer you a double weekend in this same circuit.

Both days, morning group stints, with a maximum of 20 cars driving together and in the afternoon a 4-hour open pit session with only those from the FULLDAY that will leave you satiated with gasoline for a while, especially those who they have chosen to drive both days.

The weather cast finally it seems that it is going to be favorable for us and as it has been for 7 years in which we celebrate this same trackday in Castellolí on the same weekend in January, our particular gods have decided to give us one more day of sun with which to enjoy even 15 degrees of temperature.

As you are also a magnificent selection of lovers of this thing of us doing the hamster and with the collaboration of all, we will have a time like ever… well, speaking of Trackrat, rather as always?

The sound limit for cars is 95dB at 3,000rpm and the circuit is carrying out sonometric controls before entering the track!



Please collaborate as much as possible to show that circuit events are not a source of contagion or a place of risk.


On Saturday 28, we will open the doors of the circuit at 08:00, the event will be held behind closed doors and to access the circuit site, you must be on the entry list and your temperature will be taken.

Your guests, mechanics and second drivers and co-drivers THAT YOU DID NOT INCLUDE IN THE REGISTRATION must have filled out this form to be able to access the circuit site.

We remind you once again that from Friday at 12:00 the price of co-driver/second driver insurance goes from €20 to €30.

Attention VERY IMPORTANT, anyone who wants to access the track in a vehicle must have been accredited at the organization table where the compulsory insurance will be made, they will be given the bracelet that certifies it and must wear a helmet.

Make sure once you are going to enter the track that the driver and co-driver are wearingthe bracelet, otherwise the marshals will not let the vehicle access the track with the disturbance that this can represent for you and other participants.


In addition to that, only the drivers are authorized to wear an open or JET helmet without a mask inside the car. In fact, it is the only time that you can be without a mask in the entire circuit area, as well as in the restaurant while eating.

From 08:00 when we open to 09:30, when the mandatory drivers safety briefing will take place in the pitlane, you have time to arrive, locate yourself in the PADDOCK area or the BOX that has been assigned to you and then approach the BOX 3 where the organization table will be, (it will be easy for you to recognize it by the banners and because it is the last one on the right), to accredit yourselves and your co-drivers, mechanics and guests and receive all the documentation, bracelets, identification stickers of the vehicle etc

In the organization box you will have available helmets for rent, license plate covers, pressure gauges and other items from the TRACKRAT STORE, such as our Trackrat Petrolwear line t-shirts. And in the adjoining box you will have a compressor and mechanical assistance. Assistance, not miracles!

Both for track time and number of participants, our events set a high standard of quality and a track day with Trackrat is one in which meeting the objectives with which you go to the track is practically guaranteed.


At 10:00 the big moment arrives and the action begins on the track. We will start with 25 minute runs in groups organized by time/performance. Group Strike, the fastest, and Group Sport, the one with the most moderate pace. So throughout the morning, 4 stints for Strike and 4 for Sport.

To end the morning session and providing that those who love to achieve good lap times have the opportunity to drive to the limit, starting at 1:30 p.m. our well-known Fast Series, which will be two of 15 minutes or one of 20 minutes, depending on the number of drivers interested to participate in them.

At 13:45 – 13:50 when you have finished, the track closes to take somevery special images, the Photo Rolling. Those of you who have not chosen the option of “Rolling” or the “Track Pack” that include this special session and all your photos of the day, you have one last chance when you make accreditations on Sunday morning, then if they are purchased on the web, they cost €5 per photo.

It only takes a little look on our social media to realize that it is very worthwhile…

At 14:10, we’ll be back with another 4-HOUR open pit session!!! That will arrive until 6:00 p.m. when the event will end and to pick up to return home very tired and with a big smile.

Except for those who have chosen the FULL WEEKEND option and only will have to leave the car stored in the box to continue on Sunday with another day exactly like this one, but with different colleagues with whom to share the experience that will surely come loaded with more desire and illusion. with which to continue enjoying.



As usual in our events, the participants in the Full day session have a spot in the box included with the registration.

If you do not have a box or you do not need the one you have assigned, but you have materials in the car that can bother you while you are on the track, you can leave them safely in the organization’s box.

Here is the list of assigned pit boxes.

Saturday January 29

Sunday January 30


The track groups are organized to improve the experience of the participants as much as possible, trying to ensure that the rhythm is even in each one.

As in Trackrat we always go with a lot of margin over the total occupation authorized by the circuit, which in this case would be 30 cars, if for whatever reason you do not think you are located in the group that corresponds to you, let us know and without any problem we will We will change the one that best suits you.

Saturday January 29

Sunday January 30


The closest gas station to the circuit is the Area del Bruc (Repsol), on the A2 about 7 kilometers coming from Martorell. SEE MAP.

To eat you will have a restaurant service in the outdoor car park of the circuit, from 08:30 to 16:00, coffee, sandwiches, pizzas and menu.



  • Pasta salad.
  • Vegetable cream with chicken.

Main course:

  • Farmer pork saussage with beans.
  • Chicken with cheese sauce.


  • Pineapple.
  • Flan.
  • Yoghurt.
  • Rice with milk.

Drink included




  • Turkish salad.
  • Canneloni.

Main course:

  • Cheese and onion burger.
  • Roasted porc loin.


  • Pineapple.
  • Flan.
  • Yoghurt.
  • Rice with milk.

Drink included


Do not hesitate to contact us to clear any other doubt you may have.


See you on the track!

The Trackrat Team